Review of Jarzynka’s “Blessed With Bipolar”: Sane Advice From a Bipolar Man/Therapist About Understanding Bipolar

Richard H. Jarzynka’s Blessed With Bipolar is a triumph on so many levels, it is a privilege to review this book about one man’s spiritual journey in dealing with, understanding and managing Bipolar Disorder.

Readers will look forward to climbing into bed with this book, they will think about it in between readings and they will miss it long after they turn the last page. Richard Jarzynka wrote Blessed With Bipolar to give hope to people who have Bipolar Disorder, but this important book will appeal to a much wider audience.

Understanding Bipolar Disorder, Bipolar Anger and Human Imperfection

Readers get to know Jarzynka, who holds back no intimate detail when it comes to listing his weaknesses, (particularly his struggle with bipolar anger) his screw-ups, and some low points of his life. Readers will relate to his struggle with his own imperfection, even if the particular symptoms of his disorder are not universally experienced.

Jarzynka describes his flaws with such humility and humor, that it has a wonderful effect on the reader. It helps people not take themselves too seriously, while still respecting the seriousness of their suffering. Jarzynka helps people understand that hope, healing and infinite possibilities are alive and well in the world. Anyone with Bipolar Disorder or any other suffering who feels hopeless should immediately pick up this book.

Self Acceptance and Jarzynka’s Blessed With Bipolar

In Blessed With Bipolar, Jarzynka details his own struggle to accept himself and stop blaming himself for his imperfections. At the same time he looks at those imperfections squarely in the face, accepts responsibility, honestly finds blessings in the experience, and endeavors to do better. His success is inspiring.

Blessed With Bipolar is an honest expression of faith in God. It beautifully illustrates the powerful impact living by faith can have on a person’s life.

Who Should Read Blessed With Bipolar?

Anyone going through a particularly rough time for any reason would benefit from Blessed With Bipolar, as would those seeking to be inspired or to know more about the human experience; aspiring authors; all Christians; non-Christians; seekers and those on a spiritual quest. People with friends, family members or a spouse with bipolar should read it, as should those involved in dealing with bipolar anger, bipolar signs, symptoms and treatments.

Richard H. Jarzynka’s book is for anyone who is stuck in a rut, politicians, those with any type of mental or physical diagnosis or other limitation in addition to those with Bipolar Disorder, students and practitioners of social work, psychology, psychiatry, law and medicine.

Jarzynka Reframes Bipolar Disorder

Richard Jarzynka’s treatment of Bipolar Disorder is not unlike Frena Gray Davidson’s redefining of Alzheimer’s disease in her significant book Alzheimer’s 911.

Both of these authors, with total credibility, turn the traditional “knowledge” about each disorder on its head. Their perspective is one of hope and transcendence, and their stories are grounded in solid spiritual truth.

Jarzynka is able to see the value in bipolar traits, even though those same traits, in excess, can cause pain. He works to then harness these traits for the good of himself and others. There is tremendous healing power in this, both for himself and the reader.

Caution to Readers of Blessed With Bipolar

This book is not about politics but Richard Jarzynka touches upon some political issues in the context of his Christianity, and his journey to come to terms with his Bipolar Disorder. At first glance it might seem a mistake that he didn’t edit these parts out. The world is so polarized by the political debate, why risk turning off readers by talking about politics in a book that is not about politics?

That said, putting down the book on account of disagreeing with a point about politics, (or about religion, for that matter) would be a mistake on the part of the reader. Jarzynka does not demand agreement from the reader. In fact, Jarzynka discusses difficult issues, with the intelligence and respectfulness that has been lost in the public discourse. Public personalities, some of whom are mentioned in the book, would do well to follow his lead.

Ultimately, the spiritual truths (which are different than individual religious – or political – beliefs) expressed in this book are universal. Knowing the difference between spirituality and religion will help the reader.

Blessed With Bipolar will give hope to anyone with Bipolar Disorder or any other struggle or limitation. Anyone on the spiritual journey, Christian or not, should read this book as it will plant ideas about what is possible when living by faith. It is built upon the foundation of universal, spiritual, truths in action in one man’s life who struggles with and yet triumphs over Bipolar Disorder.

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